Drawn words

Where do words go when they're lost in translation? where is Go going after the tip of your tongue? what is that Why is so curious about? how comes that Whisper is stronger than Shout? words also get in trouble, as some of us do I is jealous of the O's in Voodoo shut up you thin bastard, all Mississippi is for you! some are not subtle, you've heard it too like the repeated affair that Fuck has with You there are also some folks who Seldom appear or only in formal parties like Regards and Dear doppelgÀngers as well, look at Close and Near famous singers too, we have Crystal Clear Based and Cringe just rose to fame others like Thou have gotten tame want to see words just go insane? let me give you a dose the fashion show is at Verse the big party is at Prose Serendipity is a model of the highest couture Love is praised when coupling with Pure some words are shamed like Moisty and Gross and Dictionary is trashed on as the big know-it-all Read and Read are twins of different sound Poetry is always there for Attention Syntax always complains that she's bored at the top of ship Language the crew gathers around "today is the day we get rid of quotations!" and they made poor Quotations jump off of the board this is what happens when books get closed stories likes these we could go all night long wonders of the logocentric World of Words

Minor post-climax reflection

are letters alive or just limbs of words? and what about sentences cause it seems to me that there's more in Hide And Seek than in Hide and in Seek and those three little words go beyond the threesome of You and I and Love what is it then? what is It then? are there any wowords that words can use to talk?