Materials about different classes I have contributed to

I really really really love teaching. So far, I have TA’ed for the following classes:

  • Advanced Algorithms (3 times) (University of Chile)
  • Undergraduate Algorithms (University of Chile)
  • Discrete Math (3 times) (University of Chile)
  • Programming Languages (University of Chile)
  • Computability and Computational Complexity (University of Chile)
  • Computational Complexity (PUC Chile)
  • Databases (École Centrale Paris)
  • Workshop of Competitive Programming (University of Chile)
  • Introduction to Algebra (University of Chile)
  • Automata Theory and Formal Languages (University of Chile)

I also had a YouTube channel with math videos, and have collected a fair bit of teaching materials over the years. I plan to upload most of that here. Unfortunately, most of it was originally written in Spanish, so I’ll be slowly translating it over time.